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Data Driven Decision-making 
  1. Pipeline Construction
    Review of constructability of the pipeline installation - aid in determining bore locations and optimal lengths. Installation of gathering lines including compressor stations. Experience in handling pipeline installation from 2" to 36". Expertise in underground as well as above grade piping installation.
  2. Facilities Construction
    Review of constructability of the facility location, grade, piping requirements, flow calculations, and modeling. We have designed compressor and pump stations to match the requirements to be met by the demands of downstream clients. We have full capabilities to work on the project from conception to completion.
  3. Maintenance
    We review ILI tool data to ensure that the pipeline anomaly is given the proper "priority". Then we work with the client to ensure that the timing of completing each anomaly dig is done by priority and completed in a timely fashion. Experience with installing sleeves, clock springs, and full pipe replacement.
  4. Data Driven Reporting-Always
    Data is the driving force behind proactive decision making. The data we collect on a project is dependent on the Scope of Work. We set certain KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) based on the SOW that allow us to track the progress of the project based on a "planned" vs. "actual" work completed on a daily basis.
  5. Material Tracking
    First we verify the BOM (Bill of Material) and compare the MTR's (Material Testing Reports) to ensure they match your AML (Approved Manufacture's List). Then we compile the reports into a binder that can be referenced in the final job completion book, and also for the hydrostatic testing reports.
  6. Budgeting / Scope of Work
    We have vast experience in aiding our clients with the conception phase of their projects. From aiding with selecting an Engineering Firm, budgeting the project for the AFE, permit gathering, verifying environmental controls, reviewing traffic controls, and writing out the SOW (Scope of Work) that ensures contractors (if not us) bid on the project in an apples to apples environment.
From planning to construction, rely on SilverLynx to make your vision a reality ~ on time and on target.